Ivan Bouinatchov





Objective: Continuing professional and artistic growth through application of past experiences and challenging new tasks.

To always take ownership in the ever changing landscape of game production - applying strengths equally as a player on

a large team of developers or as a multitasking core of like minded developers whom believe in wearing many hats.

Finally, to see any vision through to becoming a reality.


Work Experience:


04/2011-Present Reverge Labs Marina Del Rey, CA

Art Director - new projects and visualization

Creation of unique and appealing art styles and settings for new game proofs of concept;

demonstration of such concepts in visualization methods - from rendered stills to real-time demos.

Working directly with engineers to create new graphics engines to best suit the set art styles.

Environment Artist - Skullgirls

Implementation of painted backgrounds as 3D sets, environment animations and NPC set up.

Handling of all technical aspects that affected environments - optimal memory use, correct sorting,

visual fidelity and addressing all of the reported bugs.


02/2009 - 03/2011 Cryptic Studios Los Gatos, CA

Staff Environment Artist - Star Trek On-Line, Neverwinter Online

All aspects of environment work ranging from prop creation to making entire playable levels to designer

specification in the proprietary editor tool.

Model and texture creation, shader and LOD set up, attributes for procedural placement etc.

Documenting issues, recurring problems and coming up with proactive solutions.

Mentoring junior artists in use of tools and IP required quality guidelines.


07/2003 -11/2008 Pandemic Studios Los Angeles, CA

Environment Artists - Full Spectrum Warrior 1 and 2, Mercenaries 2, unannounced project

Well rounded environment artist, with noted strengths in mechanical | hard surface subjects.

Completed full production on 3 shipped projects and as a member of original IP core team.

Quickly and efficiently adapted to inner workings and requirements of new teams and projects -

short timeframe in adaptation to new art styles, new software and production pipeline.


05/2002 - 07/2003 BlackOps Entertainment Santa Monica, CA

3D Artist - Fugitive Hunter, Terminator 3, The X Files: Resist or Serve

Responsibility for multiple game levels - all inclusive work, from prop creation to playable map

Quickly adapted to the project and performed in a senior role

Have worked on 3 shipped projects and developed close working relationship with the team and supervisors.


03/2002 - 05/2002 7 Studios Santa Monica, CA

3D Artist - Defender

Project hire to aid in creation of terrain and other assets for the game environment

Performed my tasks in timely manner and meeting the requirements

Learn proprietary and PS2 tools on the project



02/2000 - 01/2002 Viewpoint Corporation New York, NY

Technical Producer

Train new hires in use of 3D capture systems and software

Train new hires to generate proper content for the proprietary plugin

Lead the most challenging projects, often without proper R & D time

Document and distribute results of research

1999 - 2000 Metastream, division of Metacreations Princeton, NJ

Senior Lead Artist

Producing photo realistic content for proprietary 3D Web plugin

Discover and research proper modeling techniques for proprietary technology - distribute the

knowledge acquired

Test and utilize 3D proprietary scanning technology (laser and structured light)



1997 - 1999 Viewpoint Digital Los Angeles, CA

3D Modeler

3D modeler, texture creator and mapper

Proficient in digitizing and CAD modeling from plans and blueprints

Beta testing 3D laser scanning hardware and software


Education1996 -1997 CraneRoyer Studios Los Angeles, CA Graduating from one year program designed

to provide individuals with necessary skills to succeed in traditional animation or computer arts industries.

Hours taken in the program are equivalent to that of Bachelor Degree.


Applicable Software knowledge and production skills:


Proficient and experienced use in production:

3D Studio Max, Maya, Softimage XSI and Photoshop

High resolution mesh method of obtaining Ambient Occlusion and Normal Map data

Developed production pipeline for modeling from photographs, blueprints and concept art

CrazyBump and nDo for Normal Map generation

Variety of styles, ability to generate both handpainted or photosourced textures.

Understanding and good knowledge of:

Z-Brush, MudBox - sufficient for detailing previously created surfaces

Havok setup and work with other proprietary physics simulators

Project experience in rigging and personal interest in animation / character set up

Classical animation knowledge and understanding of timing and motion


Shipped titles:

Skullgirls (Reverge Labs / Autumn) - full production, PS3/Xbox360

Neverwinter Online (Cryptic / Atari) - production

Star Trek Online (Cryptic / Atari) - production, launch and live team.

Undisclosed Project (Pandemic / EA) - core team and proof of concept

Lord of the Rings: Conquest (Pandemic / EA) - additional art, PS3/Xbox360

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (Pandemic / EA) - full production, PS3/360

Full Spectrum Warrior 2: Ten Hammers (Pandemic / THQ) full production

Full Spectrum Warrior (Pandemic / THQ) full production

Destroy All Humans (Pandemic / THQ) additional art

Fugitive Hunter (Black Ops / Atari) - full production

T3: Rise of the machines (Black Ops / Atari) - full production

The X Files: Resist or Serve (Black Ops / Vivendi Universal) - additional art

Deffender (7 Studios / Midway) - contract work, credits FMV

Ultima On-Line:Blackthorn's Revenge (Origin) - freelance work, no credit

Microsoft Baseball '99 (Microsoft) - as part of outsourced work